Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage, also known as loving hands massage,  is a traditional Hawaiian massage that combines massage techniques, nut oils, breathing and dance to soothe the body. It is based on the Huna philosophy and how it is related to our bodies work and its healing process.


“Lomi is a Hawaiian name. It means to knead, rub, soothe, and work in and out like the paws of a contented cat. Repeating the word “Lomi” for emphasis shows how special it is.”


​​Lomi Lomi massage was made famous around the world by Hawaiian tourism. The massage is like a dance around the patient and its technique is different from other types of massage. Practitioners make use of their palms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet during the massage to make broad, flowing strokes.


It is more than just a physical massage; it is a healing experience that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. It has a positive effect on all body systems. It improves flexibility, reduces stress, balances the body and mind, and helps you reach clarity and relaxation. Once you experience it, you might not want to try any other traditional massage again. Find out what to expect at a Lomi Lomi Massage.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage therapy has many health benefits. It can cure a wide range of health conditions and imbalance. The fluid-like movements of the hands and attention around the joints helps break down any blocked energy that you may be experiencing physically or mentally. This massage therapy has proven to be beneficial for:


1. Increasing blood circulation.

2. Removing toxins.

3. Reducing the chances of stroke.

4. Relieving pains in the muscle.

5. Building up the muscles.

6. Increasing the muscle’s flexibility and motion.

7. Stimulating the lymphatic drainage system.

8. Removing lactic acid build-up.

9. Breaking down calcium deposits.

10. Boosting Immune response.

11. Lowering Blood Pressure.

12. Reducing tension, headache and migraines.

13. Quickening ligament and tendon healing after an injury.

14. Improving skin health and appearance.

15. Increasing metabolic rate.

16. Releasing  emotional tension during and after the massage session.

17. Cleansing the mind of fear, worry and negative thought patterns.

18. Instilling a sense of well being in the body, mind and spirit.